When we started Hawi Gallery in 2011 we didn't really have a big plan or even really know what we are doing. But we had a lot of art and musical instruments and some Hawaiiana and displays cases we brought with us when we escaped from the mainland. After painting the rooms in our shop we hung some instruments in the windows and opened the doors.

Fortunately a few people, mostly musicians, trickled in and admired our collection. Our first sale was a Big Island Ukulele with some Santana mini-bongos to a wonderful couple from California who were kind enough to go to the ATM to get cash because we didn't have a credit card machine.

Our first sign was a spray-painted cutout of a baritone ukulele. It still hangs over our door. Later Kim Sweeney made us some really cool signs.

We grew and added aloha shirts, dresses, sarongs, jewelry, books and have been graced by many new friends who have brought their arts and crafts to our shop: Hap, Caroline, Susan, Ti, Araya, Leilani, Jocelyn and more. Local authors brought us their books. Local luthiers and musicians brought us intstruments. We are so blessed by their friendship and support.

We also are blessed by the friendship and support of our community without whom none of this would matter. Our friends and neighbors are not only customers, they are ohana.

Hawi is a place of great aloha. We hope you will come and enjoy the experience of that aloha in our shop and in our town.