If you don't know where to start, I am happy to consult with you on
CD and vinyl recordings of Hawaiian music.
All sales are satisfaction guaranteed.

I offer a focused selection of CDs and DVDs featuring Hawaiian and Japanese music and musicians
from labels such as Palm Records, Panini, Mountain Apple, Dancing Cat, Cord International,
Hitchhike Records and John Keawe.

We feature vintage vinyl recordings from the 49th State Records Company, Hula, Mahalo, Panini and more.
Early 78's and 33 RPM vinyl recordings of Keola Beamer, Sol Hoopii, Eddie Kamae, Emma, Mungo, Genoa Keawe, Gabby Pahinui,
Hui Ohana, Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau, Sons of Hawaii, Nelson Waikiki and many more are now in stock.

We have modern CD recordings of many early artists - ask for availability.

We proudly feature local artists including:

Joey Bradley
("Ukulele Gumbo" - now OOP)

John Keawe
(New "Play with Me Papa" now available)

(Complete Catalogue)

Lorna Lim
(New "Polinahe" now available)

Sonny Lim
(Grammy-nominated "The Art of Sonny Lim")

The Lim Family
("Launa'ole-Unequalled" and more)

Paul Nash
("Crossin' That Line")

(New "R&Guitar" now available)

Cowboy Van Gogh